B.01 Worksheet Group 1

Leader :

Pandam Rukmi Wulandari (20207845)

Members :

Delvita Dita Putri Anggrayni (20207269)

Shelly Huzaynah (21207019)

Sri Wahyu Handayani (21207047)

Windy Atmawardani Rachman (21207174)

Object             : Manufacturing Accounts Payable Department

Clien               : Anthoni CPA



Weaknesses Strength Recomendation
Otoritation There’s no complete authorize (due date, prepared by  and agreed by) Completely authorize page would be necessary thing to avoid error in authorizing.
Invoice There’s  no invoice number Prevent fictitious purchases. Invoice number required.
Order Purchase There’s no classification products related with it
  1. 1.   Prevent waste, because the purchase of goods that should not be necessary
  2. 2.   Preventing game prices can hurt the company.
Classification products needful.

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